I just finished my last class at the University of Michigan and I’d like to reflect and briefly share some of my thoughts about my experiences at UMich.

In total, I’ve been at UMich for two and a half years, starting in the fall of 2017. Living on the east side near the arboretum and the cemetary, I would commute to my classes on central by bike and my classes on north by bus. I started off my first semester at UMich taking 18 credits and trying to balance two data science projects and a research project. I didn’t get a 4.00 as I had hoped, but I did push my time management skills. I began resorting to drinking soylents for breakfast and deferring all of my workouts until the summer months. I was dissapointed =

When I first began to write this post, I was going to reccomend classes that I think most people should take. However, I think a more important lesson to learn is that plans don’t always go your way. They change, and that’s totally okay.

And if there’s anything I learned from reading Excellent Sheep and engaging with Walt Borland and Quinn Harr in SI 360 Succeeding at Failing this semester, it’s that nobody is living your life but you.

I see peole on the Computer Science and Engineering Facebook group often ask about which EECS classes they should take. There are of course classes that are more popular, classes that may be more “practical”, and classes that teach you more content. However,

  • If Professor Chris Peikert is teaching a class, and you’ve satisfied the prerequisities, take it. Chris Peikert is an amazing person, but more importantly, his lectures are enlightening, thoughtful, and entertaining.

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