July 24, 2018

Super Linux Warp Pipe

Today at work I came across a problem that I managed to solve using multiple Linux pipes. What I needed to do to solve the problem was count the frequency of words existing between a certain context. This is a simplified version of what the input looked like: Where is the { FRUIT apple } ? Is the { PLANT tree } within the ground ? The { FRUIT banana } ate some { FRUIT banana } . Read more

July 15, 2018

Hosting Hugo Using GitHub

In this short tutorial, you will be creating two repositories, one that will store your Hugo source files, and one that will store the files neccessary to view your website. The website repo is called public and will be inside of your source repository. This will be done by using a git submodule. This guide requires you to have git installed, a Hugo website that you can easily clone from it’s github repo, and a GitHub account. Read more

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