June 12, 2019

Being President Was The Best Thing I Did In College

Serving as the President of the Michigan Data Science Team (MDST) was the best thing I did in college. It was more fulfilling than any personal project, any book I’ve read, or any internship I’ve done. It also helped me hone several invaluable soft skills that would have been hard to develop in other settings. Why Was Being President So Fulfilling? As you will see from the examples below, the things that I did and implemented created real changes in the team. Read more

October 16, 2016

College Advice

1. Take classes with the course chair Taking classes with the course chair for courses with many sections such as Linear Algebra guarantees you a proficient teacher. They will most likely provide extra perks such as review sessions and review sheets. You are also guaranteed that the instructor will cover everything on the tests so you won’t have to worry about your professor omitting something. I took Calculus I with the course chair during my freshman year. Read more

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